Our Impact

How we measure success


Empowering students with a scientific attitude by creating sustainable experiential-learning environments in low-income schools is only possible when we know exactly how we are doing. Thus, we are committed to collecting authentic data that helps inform our actions and guide our goals.

We assess our impact using three criteria: reach, effectiveness, and sustainability.



Our aim is to empower students from underserved communities at scale.

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Student achievement is a clear indicator of the soundness of our solutions.

Growth Across Learning Levels

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Life-Lab intervention has benefitted students across all academic levels, and especially those who have been performing poorly, making classrooms more inclusive.

Average Growth in Different Skills

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The Life-Lab curriculum not only improves knowledge, but also enhances understanding and critical-thinking skills.



Educators are at the heart of Life-Lab’s solutions – empowered teachers ensure lasting institutional changes.

Change in Mindsets

65% of the teachers have completely shifted from planning conventional lessons to planning and executing activity-based science classes.