Our Mission

The Void

80% of the students in India
lack access to experiential learning
A dismal 0.04% of the workforce
pursues research full-time
Almost 40% of the drop-outs
are due to lack of interest
Only 15% of the graduates in India
are employable

The status quo of the education system in India has glaring deficiencies and is plagued by dismal standards. With heavy reliance on dated teaching methods and rote-learning, learning in classrooms is dry, uninspiring, and theoretical at best. This evident lack of hands-on learning manifests not only as low learning outcomes, but also as a serious lack of employable workforce and a dearth in innovation.

Our Vision


Learning Is Fun & Experiential (LIFE) Lab envisions a world in which every child enjoys learning and lives with a scientific attitude.

We seek to actualize this vision by replacing uni-dimensional rote-learning with inquiry-based teaching-learning practices in classrooms.

Our Mission

dart target

The core belief at Life-Lab is that every child’s learning potential could be maximized by equipping educators with activity & inquiry-based teaching methods. Life-Lab’s mission is to create experiential learning environments by providing innovative & disruptive teaching-learning methods that is conducive for children to have fun, engagement & develop scientific temperament.

At Life-Lab, we believe in providing comprehensive solutions that foster institutional changes.